Hernando County Golf Course Set to Reopen in February

By: Tim McDonald


You couldn't describe it as a boom, or even a mini-boom, but golfers in Hernando County are slowly getting more golf courses to play.

With new golf course construction drastically slowed, any new course opening is big news, even if it's a renovation, refurbishment or re-opening.

Spring Hill Golf and Country Club, which closed last summer, is under new management. Hernando County businessman Roger Thompson said he hopes to have the course up and running in early February.

Getting the course in shape has been a challenge, since the grounds had been left virtually untouched for around seven months, but Thompson sees potential, which is why he and his company, U.S. Golf Properties, are spending $200,000 on refurbishing.

"I brought our core management team up here," Thompson told Tampabay.com. "We all thought it was a worthwhile project. There is some potential to hold some tournaments here, including some LPGA-affiliated events."

The course was built in 1969 and employees are painting the clubhouse and seeding the course.

The news comes on the heels of another Hernando County reopening. The oldest course in Hernando County, the track built in 1956 and formerly known as Whispering Oaks, had closed two years ago.

But, a former golf pro bought the track about halfway between and, after spending $300,000 on renovation, reopened it recently under the name Ridge Manor Oaks Golf and Country Club.

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