Bay Point Marriott's Once-Infamous Golf Course Now Toned Down

By: Tim McDonald


You have to be careful when doing research on the Internet – you never know what's going to pop up on Google, and I don't mean ads.

For example, I read a story on the Bay Point Marriott in Panama City that popped up the other day. In the story, the writer was whining about how extraordinarily difficult the Marriott golf course was, and how he'd never be back, would never play the course again.

Geez, how old is this story? I thought. How many people will be put off by this?

It's true that the course, once known as Lagoons Legend, was extremely difficult at one time – not a smart idea for a resort course.

But, I clearly remembered playing the course after it had been renovated a few years ago. It was redone by Gary Nicklaus and Chris Cochran, both designers for Jack Nicklaus' golf course design business.

The course, now called the Nicklaus Design course, is a more toned-down, typical resort layout. They took out the hills and sharp mounds and leveled off the fairways, removing obstacles that were deemed unfair and improving drainage. The course still has wide fairways, characteristic of a Nicklaus course, and now the greens have wide collars and bail-out areas.

The resort has another track, the Meadows, and both tracks are fun, resort courses.

The hotel itself has now been renovated and through Jan. 31 is offering up to a $100 resort credit a day, which can be used toward green fees.

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