Silverthorn Country Club: a Player-Friendly Joe Lee Design

By: Tim McDonald


Silverthorn Country Club, part of the Brooksville Ridge group of golf courses in Hernando County, is a soothing Joe Lee design that opened in 1994.

If you've played Joe Lee courses before, you know what you're getting, which is part of the charm.

"PGA Tour players love his courses because everything is right in front of you," said Jerry Heard, the former PGA Tour star who now owns Silverthorn. "There aren't any hidden agendas."

Indeed, the 96 bunkers arrayed throughout the routing – the main obstacles at Silverthorn - are all right there to see. If you land in one, you have no one to blame but yourself.

There is some water on the course that has to be dealt with, but usually bail-out areas or lay-up positions will keep you safe if you play smart. It's a good track for mid- to high-handicappers as well as the ladies because of its lack of forced carries.

Silverthorn plays through a pleasant, quiet neighborhood and is fairly open, despite mostly tree-lined fairways, so you aren't likely to lose a lot of balls out here.

It's a very player-friendly course, with fairly generous fairways with good movement and greens with good slope, but not so much it makes you dizzy like some showy architects. Silverthorn also has a nice collection of par-3s.

In short, it's a fun course to play, one you can enjoy an outing with friends and not worry about walking of No. 18 bedraggled and beaten.

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