How To Simplify Your Golf Game, Part Three

By: Tim McDonald


Do you have a warm-up before you play a round of golf, or do you just go charging up to the first tee? If you do warm up, do you have a plan? Neither do I.

If I have time, here's my warm-up: four or five swings with the wedge at a vague target, then pull out the driver and blast away as far as I can hit it. This enables me when I get to the first tee to hit my mega-banana-hook into the trees with regularity.

Golf teachers, of course, will slap you upside the head with a 5-iron if you warm up without a plan. At Golf Made Simple, where I just finished a three-day golf school at the Golf Club at North Hampton in Fernandina, they teach a very specific warm-up plan.

Golf Made Simple is all about breaking the game down into its simplest parts, the biggest part of which is clearing your head of all those extraneous and harmful swing thoughts swarming around in your head like a nest of disturbed hornets.

Unlike many other golf schools, you don't hit a ton of practice balls on the driving range at Golf Made Simple, which has several Florida locations. Instead, you spend most of the morning on drills specifically designed to enable you to "feel" where your club-head is, the length of your backswing, loft, weight transfer and all those little things that go into making a solid golf swing what it is.

Afternoons are spent on the course, where you put everything you've drilled on in the mornings into play. The idea is to put all that into practice on your rehearsal swings. Once you've planned your shot and taken a few practice swings that you like, you step up and hit your shot with a single tempo thought in your head. That's designed to empty your head of clutter.

In other words: "See it, feel it, do it."

Has it helped my game? Several things it has definitely done is to make me more aware of where my club-head is at all times, vastly improve my tempo and given me a set of drills that help keep those slumps at bay.

For more information on the school, call 888-580-3635 or click here.

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