At 'Golf Made Simple' They Teach You 'Feel'

By: Tim McDonald


Earlier this week, I wrote about a golf school with several locations in Florida named "Golf Made Simple" and how it differs from other golf schools.

For example, the instructors don't try to change your grip or force your swing to look like Tiger Woods, which is always impossible. They don't tell you to keep your head down, like most instructors do, and they say don't worry about your follow-through, which is standard for most teachers and frankly unhelpful, at least in my case.

Unlike most golf schools, including some famous ones, Golf Made Simple doesn't plant negative thoughts in your head.

I promised to relate to you what they do teach. Here it is:

Golf Made Simple tries to keep it simple by teaching you "feel," which in turn can enable you to figure out many things for yourself, based on your own unique swing, not Tiger's. If this sounds a little too new-age or theoretical for you, it isn't.

They use very specific drills to do this. For example, instructor Jeff Siegel at the Golf Club at North Hampton in Fernandina had our group of three hit some pitch shots, and later some putts, with our eyes closed. What this sort of drill does is make you very aware of where your club head is, throughout the entire swing.

Of course, he only did this after imparting some very fundamental things about the game, involving loft, velocity, spin and most importantly, tempo.

It's a results-based outfit. If it isn't working, they focus more on what you might do to make it work instead of what you did wrong.

Has it helped me? Well, it's a three-day school and the last day is tomorrow. Check back here in a day or two and I'll be able to tell you how Golf Made Simple has helped or hurt my game and how they might be able to help you.

For more information on the school, call 888-580-3635 or click here.

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