Want To Make Golf Simpler? Here's a School to Show You How

By: Tim McDonald


If someone says to you, "golf is such a simple game," you know he or she is playing very, very well. They're usually unattractively smug.

If, on the other hand, you see a guy out on the course, struggling, you can usually read the following etched into his twisted and agonized face: "This game is more complicated than theoretical physics; Einstein couldn't figure this out."

The truth is somewhere in between. Golf is fairly simple when you're playing it well, but extraordinarily complicated when you're playing lousy.

"Golf Made Simple" tries to live up to its name by keeping it simple. The less you think, the better you play. Sounds great, doesn't it? Anyone who can simplify the game will win a ton of followers.

Well, I just got off the Golf Club at North Hampton in Fernandina after my first lesson with Golf Made Simple. There are two days left in the school so I'm withholding judgment at this point, but I was heartened to see our instructor, Jeff Siegel, omit some of the usual stuff you hear all the time.

First of all, most instructors will tell you that you're gripping the club all wrong and try to wrestle your fingers into the way he wants you to grip it, no matter if it feels completely unnatural to you. It usually ends up looking like something from "I Love Lucy."

Siegel never said a word about our grips. Nor did he say anything about two other things golf teachers normally try to drill into your head: keep your head down and follow through.

Actually, what he said was this: "Don't worry about keeping your head down and forget about your follow through."


Or maybe these guys are on to something. OK, I've told you some about what they don't teach. The next few blogs will be about what they do teach. Stay tuned.

For more information about the school, call 888-580-3635 or click here.

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