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Shared Images

These are pictures shared on the wall of the Share a Little Sunshine Facebook page. We encourage anyone who loves Florida to upload current pictures of their favorite Florida to the wall. Please note, we will limit "frequent posting" from any one person or business. Our goal here is to make sure we're providing accurate information and that our site is used responsibly as an information resource and does not become a tool for any special interest.

Local Webcams

These are webcams not hosted by VISIT FLORIDA, rather third-party sites. If you would like to submit your webcam for inclusion on Florida Live, please complete the online submission form. We are looking for webcams with a clear view showing the current state of Florida beaches. Priority is given to webcams from VISIT FLORIDA's DMO Partners and those with the least amount of obstruction of beach view.


Build on a Trip

Florida Vacation Auction is a program where businesses offer up hotel stays or tickets for auction. For more information, go to


These are live Twitter feeds from VISIT FLORIDA's own Twitter accounts including our eight Insiders. These are freelance journalists who specialize in a certain interest and interact with Florida visitors on and social media. Accounts appearing include:  @VISITFLORIDA,  @VFFamilyInsider,  @VFBeachInsider ,  @VFShopInsider,  @VFGolfInsider,  @VFSmartTravel,  @InsideFLFishing,  @VFOffBeatenPath,  @VFNatureInsider,  @VFLuxuryInsider,   and @VFDiningInsider.

In deference to our website visitors, we reserve the right to remove any post, webcam or Twitter account that can be deemed abusive, defamatory, obscene, violates laws/regulations or is out of compliance with Facebook/Twitter terms and conditions.