Instant Info on Fisheries Regulations


Fishing regulations in Florida change by necessity, and often vary from region to region. We just have so many species with such vastly different needs and population levels that constant adjustment is necessary.

So how do you stay informed?

iPhone users get up-to-date, accurate information about regulations through an app called Fish Rules, created by Jupiter-based ecologist, Dr. Albrey Arrington.

It works off the GPS in your phone, so even if you're too far offshore to get a cell signal the regulations for the area where you're fishing pop up, species by species. The app also makes it easier than ever to share photos of your catch via Facebook, and it offers a fishing log and fish identification as well.

Anglers who downloaded the app earlier will need to renew each year. Like them and share a link on Facebook and you could win a $15 iTunes gift card.

The app costs a whopping $.99 cents, a real bargain that helps you help us manage our fisheries responsibly.

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