Read Some History of Baker's Haulover Inlet -- and Make Your Own

By: Terry Gibson


If you plan to boat or fish in the vicinity of North Miami Beach, check out a new book about the famous Baker's Haulover Inlet.

Baker's Haulover: A Maritime Treasure of History and Pioneers, by Martha Saconchik-Pytel, offers a trip back in time to well before the days when Miami first became a renowned destination for sportsmen.

It takes you back to 1765, to the inlet's probable namesake pioneers.

It takes you back to the 1920s, as sailfishing became one of the area's greatest winter attractions.

It takes you back to the first Orange Bowl powerboat races in the 1950s.

Best of all, it is filled with vintage photos by local photographer Doris Barnes.

It's always fun to learn about the places you visit. If you're headed to Miami for boating or fishing, make sure you pick up a copy. And get ready to make history of your own. The sailfishing, among other exciting outdoor activities, has never been better.

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Great article. Thanks for publishing it. 5 stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD