Mahi Mayhem

By: Terry Gibson


Dolphin, known more universally as "mahi mahi," have been described as "the perfect fish." They take live baits or flies and lures readily. They also fight spectacularly, making sizzling runs punctuated by vaulting leaps. They're one of the ocean's tastiest fish, and the firm white meat can be prepared any way you like it. Best of all, they grow exponentially, reproducing often, so they remain abundant.

All along the Atlantic Coast, from Key West to Jacksonville, October is celebrated for being the peak of the dolphin run. The easterly winds that prevail in the fall push the Gulf Stream current in close. Mats of sargassum and debris form in "weedlines," and that's where you'll find feeding dolphin.

My favorite ports of call for dolphin fishing trips include anywhere in the Florida Keys, Miami, and the Stuart area. But, if you're willing to make a longer run the biggest fish of the year are typically caught off St. Augustine and Jacksonville, along with some monster wahoo. And one of the best things about booking an offshore fishing trip this time of the year is that you'll score off-season hotel rates.

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