Rodman Reservoir Rehab

By: Terry Gibson


The other day, the December issue of Bass Master Magazine arrived in the mail with some great news in it. North-central Florida's legendary Rodman Reservoir is undergoing a "drawdown" for the related purposes of eliminating invasive weeds, encouraging native vegetation and enhancing fisheries.

Click here to see the drawdown schedule.

Don't get me wrong, Rodman is presently a great bass, crappie and panfish lake. It is consistently listed by sportfishing publications as one of the country's top 10 bass lakes because of its huge and abundant largemouths. This little bit of rehab though, is going to make fishing this winter and spring, and in the years to come, something epic.

Get on it this winter while the water is low and the fish are really concentrated.

And come back in a year or two after the drawdown has improved spawning habitat and created better nursury habitats so that more young-of-the-year fish survive to adulthood. Rodman Reservoir isn't just one of our top freshwater fisheries, it's also one of the most beautiful water bodies in the state. I see a road trip in my near future.

Word to the wise: Rodmanis a flooded forest, and with the water this low there will be lots of lower-unit-eating wood close to the surface or emergent. Be careful if you explore it on your own. I strongly recommend hiring a guide at least for your first few outings on the lake.

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