Quick Fishing Trip Pays Off

By: Terry Gibson


If you're one of the many folks who will visit Florida this year briefly on family or some other business, make sure you carve out a little fishin' time while you're here. That's exactly what Dayton, Ohio, residents Sean and Sheri Snyder did on Sunday, and boy are they stoked that they did.

Now, Sean is my oldest and closest friend. We grew up together fishing with our fathers in southeast Florida, and we make a point of getting out on the water whenever he's in town. Sheri is as nuts about fishing as we are, and always tags along.

This time, the Snyders flew down to West Palm Beach for Sean's sister's engagement party, after leaving the kids with Sheri's parents back in Ohio. Since they would only be in town for two days, they weren't sure whether they'd have time to make the hour drive north to Jensen Beach to fish with me, but they were looking to make the most out of a little respite from work and parenting.

Fortunately, after some celebrations in Delray Beach, Sean, Sheri and Uncle Jack Snyder shot up to Jensen in time for an afternoon on the Indian River Lagoon. The action was steady: We caught tons of jacks, ladyfish, pigfish and pinfish. And, we watched pod after pod of dolphins frolicking about the river while ducks and ospreys soared overhead. But the more prized gamefish remained elusive until the hour before sunset. That's when Sheri and then Sean picked off slot-sized red drum, plus a sheepshead. They were beaming, as you can see. For the record, Sheri's redfish was bigger.

You don't need to have the Boating & Fishing Insider for a best friend to add a fishing adventure to a quick trip. If you have the luxury of planning ahead and carving out a half- or full day of fishing, please ask us here about where you'll be visiting and we'll point you to an expert local guide.

If your situation is a little more "fluid," as it was with the Snyders, you should also be able to make last-minute arrangements with a guide. Don't be afraid to walk down to the nearest charter boat dock and ask around, or better yet call the local bait & tackle shop and inquire there. It doesn't take much arm-twisting to get Florida fishermen out on the water. We love to show folks why Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.

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