Time of Day Critical to Catching Florida Fish

By: Terry Tomalin


People say the best time to fish is any time you can. But here in Florida there are certain periods of the day when the catching is a little better. Time, like Tackle, Tactics and Terrain, is one of the seven universal truths of fishing, and it doesn’t matter if you are fishing in Jacksonville or Key West, Pensacola or Miami.

Fish are most active at dusk and dawn, or during what I call the “shift change.” If you want to sell donuts and coffee to factory workers, set up your cart when the night crew is leaving and the day crew is just coming to work. The same philosophy can apply to fishing in Florida. Fish at dawn and you will find the predators of day and night both active. The same holds true for dusk.

Don’t fish during the middle of the day. It is too hot and the sun is too high – there are no shadow lines from overhanging docks, bridges or trees, which is where fish usually like to hang out. The low-light conditions of the morning and evening will produce the best results.

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