Buy Dad a License for Father's Day

By: Terry Tomalin


With Father’s Day just around the corner you may be thinking about buying dad another ugly tie that he doesn’t like. He’ll probably wear it once, just to humor you and then hide it away in his closet where it will never be seen again.

Or then again, you could buy dad something that he can use for the rest of his life, like a lifetime hunting or fishing license. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers lifetime licenses to Florida residents for hunting, freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.

Just think about it – dad will never have to worry about whether or not his license is out-of-date because this license will remain valid for use in Florida even if he moves out of state.

For hunters and anglers who like a bargain, the cost of a lifetime license is less than what dear old dad would spend on annual licenses, permits and fees. The earlier the purchase is made, the bigger the savings.

Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World so there will be no shortage of opportunities to use the new lifetime license. To find out how you can get yours, click here.

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