An Angler's Guide to Crevalle Jack

By: Peter Miller, Bass 2 Billfish

A Florida fishing expert shares his tips and tools for catching crevalle jack.

Looking for a mid-sized fish that combines beauty with brawn? Usually just called jack by its fans, crevalle jack is a favorite among Florida anglers. One of several species of jacks, crevalle jacks average size is around two to six pounds, but the world record is a solid 57 pounds of jack!

Valued as a sportfish for its excellent fight, crevalle jacks can be eaten as well, though their popularity varies. Relatively indiscriminate diners, jacks feed on shrimp, crabs, mollusks and other small fish. The fact that they'll feed on practically anything makes them especially interesting to catch. They can be found in tropical waters around the world and are prevalent along Florida's coastline.

They are a fairly important commercial fish and are fished for their meat as well as their skin and oil.

With color ranges from blues and greens to pale silver, crevalle jacks are sleek, attractive fish. Larger adult fish are usually found in deeper water, but smaller crevalle jacks prefer sandy flats and shallow inshore waters. Generally caught on light tackle, some anglers believe jacks are particularly attracted to the color yellow and use artificial jigs and lures. Experienced anglers like to fish crevices and ridges where crevalle jack may be waiting to work large schools of smaller fish.

They can also be found in canals, creeks and rivers throughout the state. The nice thing about crevalle jacks is that they tend to run in schools, so catching one usually means catching more. And once you get this lively fish on your hook, you'll know why finding a school of crevalle jack is almost guaranteed to make for a great day of fishing.

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