Getting to Know Cobia

By: Peter Miller, Bass 2 Billfish

Prized for their fight and their tasty meat, catching cobia requires familiarity with structure fishing and some sturdy gear.

Part of the cobia's appeal is that it's a versatile fish with a big fight. Bottom fishing, trolling, plugs, spinning... cobia can be caught in all of these ways. And truth be told, no matter what gets the fish on the line, the fun is in bringing it in.

Tough, strong fish that average around 30 pounds, they're also prized for their firm, white, sweet meat. A favorite with novice and experienced anglers, cobia do require a little planning when it comes to gear and technique. They like bridges and piers as well as pilings and buoys, so the angler needs to be comfortable fishing structures.

While cobia might seem easy to hook (especially on live bait like bonito, bluefish or even a blue crab), the trick is in bringing this powerful fish in safely. Even with the fish safely beside the boat, the angler will do well to be cautious. Large cobia have powerful bodies and tails and have been known to do some damage to unsuspecting fishermen and gear once in the boat.

Curious fish, cobia have been said to seemingly taunt anglers by casually hanging around a boat without showing any interest in the goodies being offered by the frantic fishermen inside. They also have a tendency to follow hooked fish in, just to see what's going on. But don't get complacent with these funny fish. A big cobia at the other end of your line is no laughing matter. Be prepared with strong test and equipment that's in great shape, and you're sure to bring one of these amazing fish boatside.

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