New Rules Make The World's Best Bonefishing Better

By: Terry Tomalin


The best bonefishing in the world just got a little bit better. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has approved new rules that will change this grey ghost's of the grass flats sportfish status.

That means that starting July 1, another one of Florida’s premier saltwater gamefish will be a catch-and-release fishery. But competitive fishermen need not worry. The new rules would also establish special provisions for tournament anglers to temporarily possess and transport bonefish to check-in stations before they are released.

Most conservation-minded anglers already release the bonefish they catch, which is the main reason why Florida is considered one of the top places in the world to catch this prized gamefish.

Changing angler ethics have led many fishermen to take photographs, not trophies. The new rules will allow anglers to temporarily possess a bonefish where it is caught so they can photograph and measure or weigh the fish to document a possible record catch.

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