Addicted to Tarpon

By: Peter Miller, Bass 2 Billfish

Feel free to feed this addiction. Tarpon fishing in Florida is irresistible.

Tarpon fishing in Florida has a long and colorful history. The quest for the silver king is centuries old, and is just as thrilling today as it was in the past. This powerful sportfish makes for pure, adrenaline-laced angling, making it a perfect fish for B2B to pursue.

Known for their spectacular leaps and ability to spit a hook, tarpon proved themselves an elusive and satisfying catch.  By the late 1800s, sportfishing for tarpon was wildly popular in south Florida. Though most tarpon fishing today is done with a rod and reel, old-time Floridians used a twisted-cotton hand-line and a pair of gloves to land one of these beasts. 

Atlantic tarpon are found in the US as far north as Cape Hatteras all the way down to the Florida Keys.  A tarpon’s unique air bladder allows them to take gulps of air and return to the water, accounting for the classic roll that distinguishes tarpon from other fish. This same feature allows tarpon to live in live in a variety of waters, including oxygen-starved lakes and ponds where juvenile tarpon are often spotted. From May to October, Florida waters are teeming with tarpon drawn to the warm, tropical waters.  

Tarpon are undoubtedly one of the most popular in-shore game fish found anywhere in the world.  Averaging over 100 pounds in Florida waters, the fish’s size, strength and head-shaking leaps make it irresistible to novice and experienced anglers alike. And unlike other big game fish, a tarpon can be caught in a small boat or right from the shore. It’s no wonder this beautiful fish has attracted such a devoted following; tarpon fishing in Florida is downright addicting.

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