The World’s Best Beach Bag

By: Ginger Harris


The sunscreen, the hat, the magazine, the towels, the shovel, the bucket, the umbrella, the inner tube—if it’s starting to feel like you need a U-Haul to get all your regalia to the beach, it’s time to invest in a Hayden Reis beach bag.

The unbelievably sturdy bags were created by Florida native Emily Stroud. (Because who other than a true Floridian really understands the needs of a good beach bag?)

What makes Stroud’s bags unique is the sailcloth used to make them. The fabric is the highest quality Dacron sailcloth, which means it’s lightweight, but virtually indestructible, with waterproof tendencies to boot.

And, they’re as cute as they are functional. Find whimsical designs like sunglasses, fishhooks, lips, monograms and more.

With sizes ranging from large (and by large we mean big enough to stow your stuff and your youngest kid) to wristlets (perfect for sunscreen, tanning oils and after-sun lotion) and bikini bags for wet suits, there’s a Hayden Reis for everything you need when you’re beach-bound.

While you can order the bags online, you can also find them all around the Sunshine State. For a list of locations, simply click here. Just don’t be surprised if you fall deeply enough in love with this tough tote that you opt for one as a gym bag, makeup pouch and book bag. It can always double as a beach bag, too, on your next getaway.

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