Watch Florida Wildlife On These 5 Webcams

By: Kevin Mims


Got work to do? If that's the case you'd better click away before it's too late. These five streams will definitely hold your attention.

Sometimes it's not possible to get out and see things in the wild and that's where the beauty of webcams comes in. Yep from the comfort of your home (or office – I know you guys are watching too) you can take a virtual spin around the state and see some amazing wildlife.

It might cause some mental overload to watch all of these feeds at once so it's better if I don't embed them all here in the post. Instead you'll need to click the links to see what's happening on each live cam. Check 'em out:

Manatee Cam at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park


This cam refreshes every 10 seconds and is situated at the Fishbowl area in the park. The best times to catch the manatees on camera is during the three daily programs which are held at 11:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam


It's not quite nesting season yet  but Ozzie and Harriet (those are the eagles) have been coming to the nest since 2006. Expect things to start back up in a couple of months. Until then learn about the eagles and watch the replay from previous nesting seasons.

Gatorland Webcam Gatorland Screenshot:

Located in between Orlando and Kissimmee Gatorland has been showcasing gators since 1949. Of course the webcams are a relatively new addition and you can view two different ones in the park. Yeah this one's pretty fun to watch.

Everglades National Park - Anhinga Trail Webcam NPS__Everglades_National_Park_Webcam Screenshot:

This is a great trail for wildlife watching. In case you can't make it down to the Everglades you can do the next best thing – watch it on your computer. Lots of wading birds gators and turtles in this one.

Florida Keys Turtle Cam


View a live stream of a Loggerhead nest in the Florida Keys. Update: The turtles have hatched! Never fear you can watch the replay and look for this one to crank back up when nesting time rolls around again.

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