Showcase Your Florida Vacation With A 15-Second 'Floridagram'

By: Kevin Mims


Pics or it didn't happen, right? Online photo-sharers, you now have another way to show off your trip to the Sunshine State: the Floridagram.

Here's how it works: head over to the Floridagram page, add a few photos from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, and bam! You've just created a Floridagram.

There's even an option to upload photos directly from your computer, just in case you have a few pictures you've been holding out on posting. Now's the time to get those online for the world to see, and Floridagram is the perfect tool for the job.

Choose from different Floridagram themes, from beaches to nature and everything in between.

In case the guy narrating the video sounds familiar, that's Daniel Stern, the voice behind The Wonder Years television show.

Get cracking on your Floridagram at this link. Here's mine:

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