Wildlife Moment: Pileated Woodpecker at Fort Clinch State Park

By: Kevin Mims


Some places are just good for wildlife viewing, and then there are places that are really good for wildlife viewing. The Willow Pond Trail at Fort Clinch State Park definitely falls into the "really good" category. 

Besides all the songbirds and hawks, I spent a few minutes alone on the trail watching this pileated woodpecker do its thing. These guys are generally pretty easygoing and as long as you are quiet, they will just go about their business, pounding away at a tree limb or soft trunk in search of a tasty meal.

For the best experience, go early in the morning when birds and other assorted wildlife are most active. Although I didn't see any, this looks like a happening spot to check out alligators, so take a look around and see what you can see in the ponds on either side of the trail. 

Here's a video clip of that woodpecker hunting for breakfast.

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