Panorama: The Cave Tour at Florida Caverns State Park

By: Kevin Mims


Ever wonder what it's like to do the cave tour at Florida Caverns State Park? Well here's a panorama that might help you get the mental picture of what to expect.

Seriously this is one of the most unique tours in the state. Outside the temperature was in the mid-90's but inside the caverns it was a cool and dry 65 degrees. I tried to hide in a dark corner to keep from having to go back out into the heat but was discovered by our guide and wasn't able to make it happen. Dang.

You know I'm definitely learning a lot about creating panoramas on a smartphone but this is the first one I've attempted underground. I didn't take it from some of the more interesting features on tour simply because people move around the scene too much and it creates weird half-people half-wall mashups. You get the idea though.

Crank up the air conditioning turn off all the lights and scroll around the panorama. It's a close approximation but I'd still do the tour in person. For more info visit  

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Alaina Aros
Alaina Aros December 6, 2014 1:41 AM
Your blog is really very nice. This is providing good information of Florida Caverns. Florida Caverns State Park is one of the most unique tour places in Florida. Outside, the temperature in the mid 90’s, but inside the caverns in the cool and dry 65 degrees. This park is located Marianna in northwest Florida. The park offers guided tours of the caves from Thursday to Monday. Thank you for sharing with us.For more details about Florida Caverns: