Panorama: Nao Victoria

By: Kevin Mims


By now you've seen my other panorama from El Galeón the 170-foot replica of a Spanish galleon in St. Augustine. But what about the other ship that's right next to it? Well here's your virtual tour of that one the Nao Victoria.

You can't help but notice these two massive straight-out-of-the-past wooden ships as you cross the Bridge of Lions into downtown St. Augustine. In a town chock-full of history the ships add a further element of antiquity to the whole scene. If you take a tour of the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (most folks do) look out toward the direction of the Nao Victoria and imagine what this place was like when tall-masted ships sailed past on the Matanzas River. Pretty cool right?

The Nao Victoria is a replica of the original ship that successfully sailed around the world. It was part of Magellan's expedition and was the only ship of five to make the whole voyage.

When I visit St. Augustine I do so for two reasons – to hang out at Anastasia State Park and explore the area's natural lands and to wander around downtown and take in the sights of the nation's oldest city. Most visitors probably do the same and with the Nao Victoria in port there's all the more reason to make this a place on your summer travel list.

Here's a panorama of what you can expect to see aboard the Nao Victoria but trust me it's much better in person. Don't miss it.

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