Panorama: Levy County's Henry Beck Park

By: Kevin Mims


Isn't it always great to stumble across a new place to explore? Just when you think you've got a place all figured out, up pops a new spot that makes you wonder how you missed it in the first place. 

Such is the case for Henry Beck Park in Levy County, which is sort of in between Gulf Hammock and Bronson, and close to Williston. If you are out in the Goethe State Forest, chances are you've seen the small brown sign with an arrow pointing the way on the side of the road. I didn't intent to stop, but I went the wrong way while driving around in the woods and found myself right at the park's entrance.

Most of us know about the mighty Wekiva that runs over near Orlando, but a lot of folks might not know that there are actually two Wekiva Rivers in the state. Yep, just like the Withlacoochee and several Blue Springs, we also have two Wekivas.

So, here's my new Goethe State Forest routine. I drive down Cow Creek Road, over to Black Prong, and after I'm done exploring I head over to Henry Beck Park to hang out. You'll find a nice swimming hole, a scenic bridge, basketball nets and lots of picnic space. It really is a nice hidden spot to hang out on a hot summer day.

Here's a panorama from the bridge. Again, next time you are in that area, swing by and check it out. For more information and directions, click over to

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