Panorama: Jackson Blue Spring

By: Kevin Mims


In the summer months, Florida's freshwater springs are where you want to be. While the largest concentration of springs are found in Central and North Florida, folks living and visiting Northwest Florida have it pretty good, too. 

Blue Springs Recreational Area is one of those places you have to visit while near Marianna. Take an extra day off from work – call in sick if you have to, just get over there and check things out. It's a first magnitude spring, churning out over 120 million gallons of water a day. It's also the headwaters for the 202-acre Merritt's Mill Pond reservoir.

Two bucks is all it takes to get access to this spot. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day swimming and relaxing. Hey, this is definitely a 'Smart Travel' type of place, right? For more ideas on affordable trips, check out Dalia's section (she's the Smart Travel Insider), and make sure to give her a follow on Facebook and Twitter

Here's the panorama: 

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