Birding Birdman Pond in Volusia County

By: Kevin Mims


If you're looking for shorebirds and wading birds on Florida's East Coast, one of your first stops should be at Bulow Creek State Park's Boardman Pond in Volusia County.

First off, let's talk for a second about Bulow Creek State Park, shall we?

This is an incredible place, with trails of all types. If big trees are your thing, you'll find the Fairchild Oak here, a massive beast of a tree that somehow escaped the "Live Oakers" in the late 1700's. These guys were loggers seeking Live Oaks for shipbuilding purposes, and without a doubt would have felled this oak for timber, as most others in the area were.

Besides the Fairchild Oak – worth the visit itself – visitors can peek into the past by hiking or biking the Bulow Woods Trail or paddling the scenic Bulow Creek Trail. Both are more than worthy of a blog post each, so look for future write-up about those.

Of course, no visit to the area is complete without checking out Boardman Pond, a gold mine for American Avocet, Dunlin, migratory ducks and just about every wading bird imaginable. Binoculars or spotting scopes are a must for this one – depending on water levels, birds can be a little out of range for just the eyes.

It's tempting to hit the brakes and pull over on Boardman Road, but press on and park in the lot just west of the pond where the Bulow Woods Trail crosses. You'll see the sign leading to the Boardman Pond observation platform. Trust me, it's much safer than trying to squeeze in on the edge of the road – you'll block traffic and potentially cause an accident. 

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