Don’t Miss Kissimmee’s Legendary Silver Spurs Rodeo: June 6-7

By: Gary McKechnie


The first time I saw a rodeo was when I was writing a story about a rodeo clown called ‘La Bamba.’ His fame came from the fact he could ride a bull like no one else, and by that I mean he could ride a bull backward.

He’d lay flat on the bull’s back with his feet by the bull’s head and then loop his legs under the bull’s horns and then hang on like mad as the animal raced and bucked and snorted around the arena. He always received huge applause and he always earned it.

Watching La Bamba was amazing, but I was also impressed by the other cowboys and cowgirls as well. Being part of a rodeo demands that you be a top athlete, a gifted rider, and in peak physical condition. Imagine the strength it takes to hold yourself onto a bucking bronco with one hand. Or throw a lasso around a speeding calf and then leap off your horse to wrap it up.

If you’ve been to a rodeo I don’t need to tell you how cool they are. If you haven’t been, then I’d like you to attend the largest rode east of the Mississippi River: TKissimmee’s Silver Spurs Rodeo. This year it takes place on June 6 and 7, and each year it’s ranked among the top 50 events sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

I love that in addition to the spectacle of the rodeo, there’s so much history here as well. According to their website, the Silver Spurs Riding Club has 361 members -- 45 of which are club founders.

And the club began in 1941!

Again – if you want to experience the thrill of a rodeo, you can’t do much better than Kissimmee’s Silver Spurs Rodeo.

Check out their website… and then saddle up and go!


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