Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge Tours

By: Gary McKechnie


One of my favorite short rides ever was at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge where I got into my car and drove on a hard-packed dirt road until I was out of sight of any manmade structure (aside from the road) and was easily able to convince myself that this land was exactly as the Native Americans saw it thousands of years ago. It was a good feeling.

That’s why the following information caught my eye when it came my way the other day. There are several tours available for you here, including three-hour tours of the refuge accompanied by a volunteer guide and caravans that include a guide communicating with drivers via two-way radio. Either way, you’ll not only see what’s around you – you’ll understand it as well; the wildlife, plants, and how this area is preserved and protected.

Or. you can do it on your own.

Anyway, at more than 140,000 acres, this is a beautiful area to discover, consisting of coastal dunes, saltwater estuaries and marshes, freshwater impoundments, scrub, pine flatwoods, and hardwood hammocks. As you ride along Black Point Wildlife Drive, peer over the Manatee Observation Deck, and look for more than 1,500 species of plant and animal life, you’ll truly appreciate the nature of Florida.

For more information, just call (321) 861-5601, or visit their website.

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