Florida Memory Project: Florida History at Your Fingertips

By: Gary McKechnie


Whether you’re a Florida native or a new arrival, there’s one website that will fill you in on hundreds of years of our history.

It’s the Florida Memory Project at www.floridamemory.com and it has… well, it has everything.

Pay a visit and you can search for archival photographs of places and people and events, and you’ll be amazed at the range of images you’ll find.

Would you like to hear audio recordings of Floridians playing folk music or talking about historic events or just how things were when they were growing up? Search and ye shall find.

Wondering if there are videos of your hometown? Go to www.floridamemory.com, based in Tallahassee, and search the video section and you’ll find commercials and promotional films that captured Old Florida forever. In fact, it was through the Florida Memory Project that a keen-eyed researcher found a young Jim Morrison appearing in a short film for Florida State University, a discovery made international news. 

There are special collections and historic engravings, WPA stories from the 1930s, Supreme Court records, and old posters (aka broadsides). There’s all of this and so much more.

If you’d like to get lost for hours and take a long walk down memory lane, bookmark the Florida Memory Project and re-discover Old Florida.

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