Find the Perfect Beach via Virtual Florida Beach Finder

By: Gary McKechnie


It took a while (and a lot of hiking), but through a partnership with Google, Visit Florida has documented more than 800 miles of Sunshine State coastline, allowing people from around the world to explore beaches from Pensacola to the Florida Keys to the Space Coast and Jacksonville.

Using 360-degree cameras, teams hiked along the waterfront to capture full-circle images of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Straits, and Atlantic Ocean. Now it’s a simple matter of clicking on the Beach Finder to locate a stretch that’ll pique your interest.

Using sliders, you can narrow down your choices like so:

Laid Back – Adventurous

Romantic – Family Friendly

Secluded – Action Packed

Au Naturel - Manicured

I know my favorite beaches, but with the arrival of this new technology it’s very likely I’ll add a few more favorites to my list.

To explore our state’s diverse and world-renowned beaches, just click here for VISIT FLORIDA's Florida Beach Finder.

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I recently visited Jacksonville Beach and what a pleasant surprise! I was staying in Jacksonville, Fl and decided to check out the closest beach. I fell in love with JB as well as the area! It was clean, relaxed, family friendly and not "touristy" like some beaches. I felt right at home with the variety of shopping, restaurants and eateries. Did I mention it was RELAXING and the beach was BEAUTIFUL?? Well, it was. .. I was also impressed that there were LIFEGUARDS and RESCUE at Jacksonville beach as well.