Take a Swing on the Florida Historic Golf Trail

By: Carling Nolan


Florida golf history dates to the early 1880s, with most courses located around railroads and hotel development during that time. As Florida vacations grew in popularity, so did Florida golf courses. If you’re a history buff and appreciate classic golf courses, then the Florida Historic Golf trail is something that’s perfect for your next trip down south.

There are 63 golf courses that are highlighted, from Jacksonville to Key West. These courses were established between the 1890s and World War II. Some have kept their signature looks while others have been modified over the years. If these golf courses can stay popular for over 100 years, then I’d say they’re worth the trip.

You can find a list of these courses at the Florida Historic Golf Trail website.

Keep an eye on this website because they will highlight the different courses with more detail every week.

Now it’s time to hitch your horse and buggy to travel down to Florida and walk in the footsteps of Bobby Jones and pull out your birdie cigars in honor of Walter Hagen. 

Hit ‘em straight!

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