How to Get the Most Out of Your Driver

By: Carling Nolan


Summer golf in Florida can be hot, hot, hot-- but that environment can do wonders for your driving distance. With the fairways drying out, it's time to use a few techniques to get your driver flying low and rolling LONG!

You've all heard that high fades land as soft as "a hummingbird with sore feet", but with hard fairways we want the opposite. The best way to get the most distance is to master the draw. Here are a few tips:

1. Adjust your grip to be a tad stronger by moving your right hand under the club, showing only one knuckle (if you are right handed).

2. Get a full shoulder and hip turn. You can't get the correct swing plane without getting your body "behind the ball".

3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: The first move on your downswing should be a hip "bump" forward. Make sure you don't turn the hip too quickly or start with your upper body. You need to move the lower body forward so your arms can "drop into the slot".

4. Swing towards right field and turn your hands over to get nice draw.

5. Finish with everything facing towards or even a little left of the intended target.

6. Watch the ball roll and roll and roll!

If you're looking for a course with big rolling fairways, I would suggest heading over to Grande Pines Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. Along with fast greens and an interesting layout, the forgiving fairways are perfect for trying out your new driver swing!

If you go…

Marriott's Grande Pines Golf Club
6351 International Golf Club Rd
Orlando, FL 32821

Hit ‘em straight!

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