5 Steps to Master Bermuda Grass Chips

By: Carling Nolan


So you've booked your golf vacation down to Florida. Are you ready to play the best golf of your life?

Before you step foot on the course, you should prepare for our Florida Bermuda Grass. The biggest difference from bent grass that you will notice is how you need to chip.

Let's say you have barely missed the green. You're not on the fringe, but just a few steps behind it. Usually you would think to grab a 9 iron and simply use your putting stroke to roll the ball close to the hole.

This will only lead to SNAG CITY! The Bermuda grass will grab the hozzle, and your chip will go only inches in front of you. What you need to do is BLAST IT! Treat every chip out of the rough like a sand shot. Here are five steps to the perfect chip:

1. Use a sand wedge
2. Open your stance
3. Open the clubface
4. Take a short, steep swing
5. The club face should slide under the ball, which will pop it out of the Bermuda grass beautifully.

Don't let a simple shot like chipping ruin your whole vacation. Use these tips and you'll chip like a true Floridian!

Hit ‘em straight!

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