Two Tasty Taco Recipes

By: Rachelle Lucas


Kale in a taco? You bet.

Two central Florida restaurants are adding some trendy ingredients to spice up the classic taco in more ways than one.

Ever tried tacos stuffed with healthty veggies, such as cabbage? Or drizzled with aioli? If not, now's your chance to try these at home. Cocina 214 and Outriggers generously shared their taco recipes with us below.

And if you're not in the mood to cook, you can find these tasty tacos on their menu.

Grilled Brun-Uusto Cheese Taco all 3 (1)

Grilled Brun- Uusto Cheese Taco (from Cocina 214)
(3) 1.7 oz pieces Brun-uusto Cheese- Grilled
.5 oz chopped baby kale
.5 oz peanuts
1.5 oz cabbage mix
2 oz diced chayote
1.5 oz Morita salsa
Corn tortillas

Preparation: Grill the 3 pieces of cheese for 3 minutes on each side. Place the cheese in the middle of each corn tortilla. Place the cabbage mix and baby kale on top of the cheese. Place the diced chayote on top and drizzle the Morita salsa on top. Finish off with toasted peanuts on top.

Bangin' Shrimp Taco

Bangin’ Shrimp Tiki Tacos (from Outriggers) Shrimp
Green Cabbage
Napa Cabbage
Outriggers’ soon-to-be-famous fry batter
Sweet chili glaze aioli

Preparation: Roll shrimp in fry batter until evenly coated. Fry until outside is a golden brown. Place chopped cabbage on soft taco tortilla and add hot fried shrimp on top. Finish with sweet chili glaze aioli and serve.

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