Pure Orange Juice Launched by Seminole Tribe and Roe Family

By: Rachelle Lucas


Florida grown, Florida produced, and Florida bottled -- that's the philosophy as well as the brand of the newly revitalized juice line from the Seminole Tribe of Florida and W.G. Roe & Sons.  

These two families with a long heritage in Florida have joined together to create fresh-tasting, naturally pure juices including 100 percent Florida Orange, 100 percent Tangerine Clementine, and 100 percent Florida Super Red Grapefruit.  

They also have an organic line of juices as well as the seasonal favorite: 100 percent Florida Pummelo Grapefruit Juice.

Tony Sanchez, President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., said, “The Tribe is growing and diversifying its business interests by partnering with local Florida family companies to strengthen the people and agriculture of Florida."

Look for the newly branded juices at your local grocer and, for more information, check out their website and social channels:

Web: www.NobleJuice.com
Facebook: /NobleJuice
Twitter: @NobleJuice

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