28 Coral Gables Restaurants to Follow on Twitter

By: Rachelle Lucas


I love following restaurants on Twitter to see what the daily scoop is. Typically, they'll post drool-worthy photos of food, behind-the-scenes secrets of the kitchen, upcoming events, and sometimes even discounts and specials.

While researching Coral Gables Restaurant Week, I discovered that they attached the social media links for all the participating restaurants. Score! It's a treasure of Tw-eats!

So, here are 28 Florida restaurants you should be following on Twitter. And, if you want to take a shortcut, I keep a list of Florida Dining Tweets on Twitter where you can follow them all with a single click.

Happy Tw-eating!

@AngeliqueCafe --  https://twitter.com/AngeliqueCafe
@Bellmont_ -- https://twitter.com/Bellmont_
@benihana  -- https://twitter.com/benihana
@BooksandBooks - https://twitter.com/booksandbooks
@BullaMiami -- https://twitter.com/BullaMiami
@CaffeAbbracci -- https://twitter.com/CaffeAbbracci
@CaffeVialetto -- https://twitter.com/CaffeVialetto
@calpizzakitchen -- https://twitter.com/calpizzakitchen
@DivinoCeviche -- https://twitter.com/DivinoCeviche
@EpicureMarket -- https://twitter.com/epicuremarket
@Flemings -- https://twitter.com/Flemings
@ikura_sushi -- https://twitter.com/ikura_sushi
@miamibierhaus -- https://twitter.com/miamibierhaus
@JohnMartinsPub -- https://twitter.com/JohnMartinsPub
@LaTagliatellaUS -- https://twitter.com/LaTagliatellaUS
@Mortons -- https://twitter.com/Mortons
@OpenStageClub -- https://twitter.com/OpenStageClub
@OrtaniqueMiami -- https://twitter.com/OrtaniqueMiami
@TheRedKoi -- https://twitter.com/TheRedKoi
@Seasons52 -- https://twitter.com/Seasons52
@SpritzGables -- https://twitter.com/SpritzGables
@gosushimaki -- https://twitter.com/gosushimaki
@sushisamba -- https://twitter.com/sushisamba
@SwineSouthern -- https://twitter.com/SwineSouthern
@TalaveraCocina -- https://twitter.com/TalaveraCocina
@TarponBend_CG -- https://twitter.com/TarponBend_CG
@thelocal150 -- https://twitter.com/thelocal150
@UvaggioWine -- https://twitter.com/UvaggioWine

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