Fishing Fun on the Pond

By: Terry Gibson


Every day, I see a couple of different groups of kids of different ages peddling furiously through the neighborhood with tackle boxes and rods balanced on the handle bars.

Wow, does that sight bring back memories. Growing up in West Palm Beach, we knew which neighborhood ponds held fish and we raced each other to them after school.

If you plan on visiting friends in Florida or staying in a hotel or other style of accommodations, odds are there’s a productive pond close by that they’ll let you fish in. Enclosed ponds will hold bass, bream and bevy of non-native cichlids, such as the hard-fighting oscars. Ponds connected to saltwater bodies may have freshwater species in them. But they’re probably also holding tarpon and snook.

These ponds are great for flyfishing. A seven- or eight-weight rod is plenty heavy for the saltwater species. A five- or a six-weight rod is plenty for bass and bream, although you may have a tough time with some of the lunker largemouths that inhabit some of these waters.

For snook and tarpon, popping bugs, Dahlberg Divers and muddler patterns best imitate the prey that inhabits these inland waters.

Light spinning and conventional tackle also work well in ponds. Snook and tarpon prefer topwater lures early, late and at night. Soft-plastic jerkbaits rigged weedless also do the trick. Bass will strike topwater plugs, spinnerbaits and plastic worms.

So make sure you pack a rod wherever you intend to visit the Fishing Capital of the World. If you’re headed to Orlando, the Disney World Resort offers guided fishing trips for lunker bass. They have everything you need.

The kids will love it

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