Florida Beach Finder Does the Homework for You

By: Lauren Tjaden


It’s genius.

I’m talking about VISIT FLORIDA’s new Florida Beach Finder, a simple, fun tool to help you find a Sunshine State beach you’ll love.

The web page has four sliders you operate. You just move them toward what you are looking for in a beach. For instance, you can move one toward a natural beach or to one that’s manicured, or anything in between.

After you’ve made your choices in all the categories --which takes all of 30 seconds, an important factor for busy people -- beaches that match your criteria appear on the screen, as well as the percentage of criteria that matched.

I played with it this morning to see how accurate it is. Since I’ve visited most of Florida’s beaches in person, I figure I’m a better judge than most.

The verdict?

The only bad thing about VISIT FLORIDA’s new Florida Beach Finder is that I’m not the one who thought of it.

The program came up with many of the suggestions I would have made with the same information. It has the enormous benefit of giving you a place to start looking based on your personal preferences. You can easily further research the suggestions by researching the city on VISIT FLORIDA.

And of course you can always write me and ask my opinion. Because you need me. Remember that.

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