Dig into Free Sand Sculpting Lessons in Seaside this Summer

By: Lauren Tjaden


Me giving advice on how to build sand castles is like a dog giving advice on how to fly a plane: neither of us is qualified for the job.

But not so for Mark Flynn of Sand Odyssey. He can turn a pile of sand into the face of a beautiful young woman, so exquisite you long to stretch out a finger and touch her hair. He can turn that same pile into a gaggle of penguins, a castle, or even the Brazilian skyline. And he can show you how to create your own masterpieces. For free!

Beach bunnies who dig sand should hop over to Seaside for free sand sculpting lessons from this Sand Master. The summer lessons start June 3, and go until Aug. 14, 2014, every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 pm. Just show up at Seaside Beach.

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