Guest Blogger: How to Pack a Makeup Bag


Dalia's note: A few weeks ago, my friend Diana of J'adore Beauty Blog shared seven tips for packing a suitcase. Now she's back with more advice that's right in her wheelhouse -- how to pack a makeup bag. Here she is:

Considering that I am a self-proclaimed skincare and makeup junkie, these are usually the first things that come to mind when I begin making my packing list.  I know many of you are traveling under different circumstances, so I will give you my beauty tips for the hardest -- traveling with just a carry-on aboard the cabin, which means one (per passenger) quart-size plastic zip-top bag with nothing over 3.4 ounces (100 ml).  I’ve become quite the pro at this if I might say so myself. :-)

Hair: If you have normal hair, don’t bother with this one.  Either use the stuff from the hotel or mooch off family.  If you have color-treated or fussy hair (or scalp), then grab either travel-size shampoo and conditioner or ask your department store sales reps for sample packets.  Do the same for styling products. Remember brushes, bobby pins and styling products.

Body: Most people just use the stuff at the hotel, but those with sensitive skin (like moi) might want to reconsider.  Pick a travel-size lotion (once you arrive to your destination, keep it in your purse as a hand cream) and travel-size body wash or soap.  If taking a bar of soap, remove it from the box and wrap in cellophane to save space.  Want to take it a step further?  Cut the bar in half if you are traveling for only two or three days.  (Dalia's note: Seriously?) Don’t forget your loofah.

Skincare: This one is hard since most people have their own routine.  I take a basic cleanser (usually Cetaphil or Cerave in travel size) and a couple sample packets of different moisturizers and serums (a variety of day, night and SPF).  Granted this isn’t rocket science for me since I regularly get sample packets throughout the year.  I’ll save these just for traveling.  I also pack baby wipes to remove makeup.  They are great because they will do most of the work at removing my makeup. Also, Q-tips, cotton pads and lip balm.
Makeup: This is the hard part.  Once you put in your foundation and powder, you almost have no space left for everything else... which is why I always decant some of my foundation into a one or two sample containers. (Don’t have any?  Run to your nearest department store and KINDLY ask for some.)  Next I’ll add my mascara, concealer, eye primer, eyeliner, brow pencil and one blush. (Go for a peachy color that suits most makeup combos).  
Now comes the fun stuff: color.  One of two things will happen:  I’ll take an empty quad from MAC and slip four colors into it (highlight, beige shimmery, a brown or berry or green or grey or… you get the point, and a matt black), OR I’ll pick one of my Nars eyeshadow duos which are small and compact (if I do this option then I’ll take a black liner as well.)   Lastly, I’ll take my all-time favorite neutral lipstick, neutral lip liner and red lip liner.
Still have some space?  Slip a sample packet of a hydrating mask and treat yourself to a mini facial on the plane.  Dare to go bare-faced as you are boarding the plane, and once you’ve settled in begin the luxurious ritual.  Take one of your baby wipes and wipe your face.  Then generously apply the hydrating mask and a couple coats of your lip bag.  Enjoy a nice nap (you know you’re exhausted from staying up late because you procrastinated packing) and relax!  A few minutes before landing, take another wipe and clean off the majority of the mask (leave some behind as a moisturizer).  Dust some of your powder and maybe a bad of concealer. Ahhh...

Note: I never travel with toothpaste or deodorant; I always buy travel sizes once I land  -- unless I’m traveling with the hubs. Then I’ll slip those two things into his zip top bag.  If I’m traveling alone, I usually just purchase once I land... but not till I check with the hotel. Sometimes they are kind enough to give you these.

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