Some Tactics for Snaring the Wily Redfish

By: Terry Tomalin


Most redfish pros have an arsenal of proven artificial lures. There are some things that will work wherever you go – a top-water plug, a gold spoon –  and you should always carry these in your tackle box.

Redfish are also fairly predictable. They travel with schools of mullet, and as those vegetarians travel along, they stir up the bottom and expose a lot of food. So you can be sure the redfish will be following along to pick up an easy meal.

Fishing for redfish is a lot like hunting deer. You need to be quiet. These fish are smarter than you think. They can sense a trolling motor. So sometimes you have just shut it down and wait for the fish to settle down and come to you.

Most anglers make the same common mistake – they retrieve their artificial lures too fast. If you want to catch fish, slow it down. Florida's redfish are particularly spooky. So slowing retrieval speed by just 20 percent can make the difference between fishing and catching. That's good advice to take to heart.

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