Come out of Your Shell For a Crystal River Scalloping Package

By: Dalia Colon


Scallop is one of those words that can be a noun or a verb. In Florida, you do the verb. Then you eat the noun.


Here’s how it works: strap on your snorkel gear, grab a mesh bag and start collecting scallops. It’s that easy.


And with scalloping season now in full swing, Plantation on Crystal River wants to make things easy on your wallet, too. For the rest of the summer, the resort is offering a 20 percent discount on mid-week visits.


This offer gives you an additional discount on the Best Available Rate, Golf and Breakfast Package, Bed and Breakfast Package, and the Manatee and Breakfast Package. (My BFF, Ashley, and I tried the latter firsthand. Check out photos from our excursion in my Facebook album.)


There are also two Scalloping Packages, which start at $556 for a two-night stay, scalloping tour and more. Chefs at the resort’s restaurant will even cook your catch if you like.


Scalloping season ends Sept. 24. The 20 percent discount is available through Sept. 30, 2013, which leaves you time to enjoy the resort’s spa, two golf courses, riverfront pool and other amenities.

Get details at 800-632-6262 or


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