Touchdown of an Offer: This Orchestra Package Will Be Music to Jaguar Fans’ Ears

By: Dalia Colon


People are complicated. We like both water skiing and snow skiing, The Real Housewives and PBS -- and for many, football and orchestral music.

If you enjoy both interceptions and intermezzos, then this package was made for you. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra have teamed up to offer a package that includes:

  • Two tickets to a Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra concert on Saturday night.

  • Two tickets to a Jacksonville Jaguars game at EverBank Field on Sunday.

  • Accommodations for two at a Jacksonville hotel.

  • Breakfast for two.

  • Complimentary parking.

Sounds like a touchdown to me! The package starts at $169 per night. To book, call 904-356-0426.

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