Video: Snuba Shots From the Florida Keys

By: Kevin Mims


I know, I know – this is my third snuba-related post this month, but the experience really is cool enough that it warrants a little extra attention. Somehow I don't think anyone would complain about seeing more underwater footage, right? Thought so.

Imagine yourself suited up like you would for a dive (wetsuit, fins, mask, weights) but without the burden of having a huge tank strapped to your back. It's like deep-water snorkeling, since all you have is a regulator and hose that's tethered to a remote tank on a raft. That's snuba.

Don't imagine snuba to the point to where you are daydreaming in your cubicle, though. I'd imagine trying to snuba across your office desk might get you a few crazy looks, so just head down to Hawks Cay and hang out with the cool cats from Dive Duck Key.

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