Become a Superhero at Blue Spring State Park on Sept. 28


Who hasn't dreamed of being a superhero at one time or another? If you are 35 and have aspirations of transforming into Wonder Woman, that's okay too. Nobody's judging. 

Don your cape and ultra-tight blue briefs and fly over to Blue Spring State Park for Pangea Adventure Racing's Superhero AR, which happens on Sept. 28. Supervillans, you guys are welcome to come and take part in the fun as well. 

Depending on how much super you have in your superhero, there are two different categories of race to choose from. The Sport AR lasts about three hours, give or take, and the Elite race rages on for six hours or more. Go get some.

After the race, chip in and take part in the Pangea Gives Back cleanup effort on the St. Johns River at Blue Spring State Park. Get the scoop on that here. By the way, you may want to hide your true identity and wear civilian clothing for this one. 

For more information and to register for the Superhero Adventure Race, check out

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