No App For That: An Event For Parents

By: Kevin Mims


As a techy guy (I'm also not a parent), I often steer folks to outdoor apps that may enhance an outdoor lover's experience. While I believe that technology can provide the gateway for young people to discovering trails and wildlife, I also recognize that it's important to find a healthy balance between staring into a screen and staring up at the sky. 

Coming up, I didn't have to deal with laptops, smartphones and Facebook. I don't have thousands of photos of everything I did as a kid. I have memories based on real experiences, and I'd imagine with a lot of technological noise it would have reduced the amount of time I spent outside. 

Today's youngsters are spending less and less time in nature. At the No App For That event on Feb. 1 in Lake Mary, the panel of speakers will help parents set boundaries for screened devices in the home. After the event, parents will come away with the information needed to better connect their family with the outdoors.

Richard Louv, author of "The Last Child in the Woods" and the "Nature Principle" will discuss why it's important for kids to be outside. Dr. Angela Fals from the Florida Hospital for Children's pediatric weight and wellness program will share ideas for device boundaries in the home. A discussion on the Top 10 Florida Outdoor Activities will be presented by Chad Crawford, Producer and Host of "How To Do Florida", and Dr. Joel C. Hunter will cover The Creator and His Creation.

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