Lu The Hippo Sounds Like Jabba The Hutt

By: Kevin Mims


Or does Jabba the Hutt sound like Lu the Hippo? I suppose since Lu is 53 and Jabba the Hutt was first mentioned in the original Star Wars in 1977 that makes Lu the elder. But wait! True Star Wars nerds will argue that Jabba is actually about 600 years old but that would be blurring the lines between reality and fiction too much for me. Lu wins the age battle.

Either way it's pretty funny to hear how similar these two big fellas sound. Listen for yourself:

And here's Jabba:

In case you might be wondering who the heck Lu is he's the resident hippo at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and has been there since 1964. 

In 1991 Governor Lawton Chiles granted Lu special Florida citizenship status which allowed for Lu to remain at Homosassa Springs when the focus of the park switched to featuring Florida native species. Lu was able to remain in the park and still continues to entertain visitors today.

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