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As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of Florida’s state parks. But I’m not alone. Recently, seven “explorers” completed their mission to visit all 161 stat of Florida’s state parks. These are some true state park fans!


Two of the explorers, twin sisters Gloria Marrone and Margaret Rivera of Cocoa Beach, purchased their passports in 2004 and spent the past nine years getting them stamped. What were their favorite parks? Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and Florida Caverns State Park.


These seven individuals each used a Florida State Park Passport, which serves as evidence of all of their visits to parks around the state. Each state park has its own unique stamp that is used to record the passport owner’s visit to the park.


Do you want to know the coolest part about this? You can do it, too. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to purchase a Florida State Park Passport and begin your journey to 161 parks. Once you’ve received all 161 stamps, you are entitled to a one-year Florida State Parks family pass. Passports cost $13.07 and can be purchased by phone, by mail or at a Florida State Parks ranger station. In the future, passports are expected to include 10 state trails. Plans also exist to add a passport component to the free Florida PocketRanger Mobile App in the future.


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