Kenansville's Wild Florida Airboats: "100% Pure Florida Wilderness"

By: Gary McKechnie


A while ago, I took my first airboat ride ever near Cocoa at the legendary Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. I wanted to make that the first place since it had been cemented into my memory as a kid. We passed it every time we drove to Cocoa Beach from Maitland.

I know there are many airboat services speeding around Florida waters, and I’ll keep trying to add more to my list. One that caught my eye is Wild Florida Airboats in Kenansville. Not only do they offer airboat tours rides; they do it amidst 4,200 acres of untouched nature preserve.

As they like to point out, “Our swamp is free of any development and is 100% pure Florida wilderness.”

Before or after the tour, step out to their 500-foot dock and you can continue to gaze at the swamp, which is a habitat for bald eagles, deer, cows, boars, turkey, and alligators.

If you’re searching for Florida’s original theme park, all you have to do is step aboard an airboat – you’ll find it all around you.

Just click this link for information and directions to Kenansville’s Wild Florida Airboats or call them at (407) 957-3135.

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